Memory Lost – บรรยายไทย

Memory Lost - บรรยายไทย

Memory Lost – บรรยายไทย

Bai Yu (Love 020) and Yang Rong star in a crime thriller that proves those who say ignorance is bliss have never forgotten something dangerous. When a detective with amnesia comes across an officer who also knows nothing about her past, they soon realize that they are forgetting something that will prove very costly.

Han Chen (Bai Yu) is an incredibly intelligent detective. Methodical and ruthless in his pursuit of crime, Han Chan is often described by those who know him as “cold.” The officer has good reason to be a little distant and suspicious. Han Chen suffered a strange incident nearly half a decade ago. As a result, he knows nothing about his life from the last five years. He only remembers that he had a fiance. People try to convince him that even that is a mistake. Han Chen, however, knows she is out there. He searches for his love continuously.

His search leads him to someone he never expected to meet.

Bai Jingxi (Yang Rong) is a detective who specializes in criminal psychology. Full of life and personality, she is the polar opposite to the oft-emotionless Han Chen. When they meet by coincidence, the two slowly begin to form a connection. They also make an amazing crime-solving duo. They are nothing alike, except for one thing. Bai Jingxi also knows nothing about her past from the last five years.

As the two work together on several cases, the officers start to grow closer, which isn’t ideal. Han Chen is still looking for his fiance, so they aren’t clear on what to call their relationship. And while they figure out what their hearts want, an old foe of theirs rises again.

A psychotic terrorist group that instills fear in people through random acts of violence plagues the city. They are cruel, ruthless and kill for fun. They are simply evil. They also have something to do with the memory loss that affects both Han Chen and Bai Jingxi.

Now the officers and budding romantics have to figure out how they are connected through this organization. If they can figure that out, then they must move on to the more dangerous question: can they actually stop this deadly network from taking more than just their memories?

Memory Lost is a webseries based on the novel “Mei Ren Wei Xian” by Ding Mo, the author behind the original novels that inspired When a Snail Falls in Love and Love Me if You Dare. The drama is adapted for the screen by Yu Zheng (Beauties of the Emperor) and directed by Li Da Chao and Liang Xin Quan. Memory Lost originally aired in 2016.