Beauty at War - ศึกรักจอมราชันย์ ภาค 2

Beauty at War – ศึกรักจอมราชันย์ ภาค 2

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The Consort Dowager Shun, Niohuru Yuen-sau (Christine Ng) bears a grudge against her half-sister Niohuru Yu-yuet, the current Consort Yu (Sheren Tang) because she believed that Consort Yu faked her illness during the selection ceremony so that Yuen-sau would be chosen as a concubine of the ailing Emperor, and when the Emperor dies, Yu-yuet will become the new Emperor s consort, rising in power and status and rendering Yuen-sau s status as a consort obsolete. This presumption, coupled with the intense hatred and bitterness building up in her for years caused Yuen-sau to spread rumors Yu-yuet being an evil and manipulative person (this is seen in the events of War and Beauty). For many years, Yu-yuet tolerated with Yuen-sau and tried her best to reconcile with her but to no avail until a kunqu troupe whom the much lauded Ko Lau Fei (Moses Chan) is a part of enters the palace that Yu-yuet had the opportunity to reach out to Yuen-sau. Because the harem forbids males from entering, the appearance of Ko Lau Fei intrigued its members including the lonely Yuen-sau and wet nurse Seung-ling (Ada Choi), causing much distraught to Yu-yuet. The two sisters began to plot and scheme against each other, with Yuen-sau wanting to keep Ko Lau Fei in the palace and allying with the lunatic Tung Kat Hoi (Kenny Wong) and Yu-yuet planning to send Ko Lau Fei out of the palace with the help of her trusted maid, Yee-ho (Rachel Kan). However, when Yu-yuet found out that Seung-ling fell in love with Ko Lau Fei, it threaten to thwart her schemes.