A Fading Summer - บรรยายไทย

A Fading Summer – บรรยายไทย

A newborn infant is kidnapped from a hospital. The kidnapper demands a ransom from the hospital director rather than the parents of the newborn infant. After the kidnapper receives the large ransom, he dies in an accident. The newborn baby is not found.

20 years later, the kidnapper's daughter, Hiroko Asakura (Mugi Kadowaki), decides to work at a large newspaper publishing company. A weekly magazine publishes an article on the hiring of the kidnapper's daughter at the newspaper company. The manager at the publishing company,Seiichi Muto (Saburo Tokito), struggles to protect Hiroko Asakura.

The president of the newspaper company assigns Hidekazu Kaji (Atsuro Watabe) to look into the newborn infant kidnapping case from 20 years ago. Hidekazu Kaji is a former reporter who now works in the data rom.